Nventree’s New Look

Starting March 13th, 2018, Nventree customers will notice that the old, familiar look of the .co.uk is no longer accessible.

There are a number of reasons for discontinuing the old graphical user interface.  The old ui was the original ui, and it’s age was starting to be felt.  It was becoming less and less compatible with modern web browsers and was not fully responsive.  Meaning, the old ui did not work well on mobile phones and tablets.

There were also a lot of links to features that 99% clients did not need or were archaic options.  Many clients were confused as to why “List All” appeared sometimes up to 3 times on the page.

The grid has been redesigned to be fully responsive.  Multi-filtering is also a new feature with then new user interface.  You can now hide and/or reorder columns.

Other notable new features include:

  • Process orders using Pickwaves (priority order management)
  • Integrated courier support
  • Allocate or Reserve orders
  • Add manual orders
  • Icons to indicate whether an order has been despatched, printed/paid for
  • Ability to archive orders/products
  • Put orders on hold

Please contact support for any questions regarding the new user interface: 0121 285 1052