Royal Mail direct integration finalized on NVentree

We have great news for you! You will now be able to generate Royal Mail carrier labels without having to import or export order details from NVentree to Royal Mail and back as we finalized the Royal Mail direct integration into our app.

Basically, we have automatized the Royal Mail integration by allowing you to send your order information from our app directly to Royal Mail, where the label is generated and returned to the NVentree app for printing.

Our dedicated specialists have integrated all available service codes that Royal Mail had to offer, both domestic and international.

In other words, the exact services that are now available and turned on for you in our app are the same services that you have enabled on your Royal Mail account. This will help with your inventory management by being always informed in real time in regards to your Royal Mail orders, without missing any valuable

Here is how you integrate directly:

  • First, you must contact us and confirm that you’d like to opt for the Royal Mail direct integration
  • Second, you will share your Royal Mail account details which in turn we will forward to Royal Mail and inform them of your desire to integrate
  • After that, you will receive your new credentials from Royal Mail (API username, you will have to create the password for yourself)
  • Once you give us your new credentials we will access the Royal Mails API and generate a token to communicate with Royal Mail in order to send order details and create labels.

Pretty simple, really. And we don’t intend to stop here, as we are also going to add the possibility to generate a daily manifest option so you won’t have to log in to Royal Mail to generate it. We will tell you exactly when this feature will be added, so keep in touch and follow our blog!



Nventree order management software Nventree has different courier integration options available, which allows users to connect and directly download labels from most of the mainstream couriers. Our software also allows you to sync with your different sales platforms and update the stock and status of the listings as soon as a sale takes place.

Direct integration with couriers is done by utilizing APIs to download orders and update stocks.



Customers are able to print courier labels and integrated labels all with tracking numbers. Once the labels are generated, the tracking number is sent to the platform upon dispatching. It is possible to generate the labels in bulk or individually.


Also, if one platform requires specific settings, it is possible to set up couriers per platforms. Couriers Supported: APC overnight,  DHL, dpd, DX, FedEx Express, Hermes, ParcelForce, rico, Royal Mail, TNT, UK Mail, UPS, whistl, Yodel.