Handle your stock more efficiently with our Product Locations feature

We’ve got awesome news for our loyal customers who don’t know yet – Nventree has a feature called Product Locations, which allows sellers to upload a CSV file (Comma Separated Values file, which is a plain text file that contains a list of data – editor’s note) or a Stock-Keeping Unit (SKU) and Location, thus shown on the picking and packing lists of each account.



Product Locations NventreeThe Product Locations section will help you administrate your product stocks or warehouses, with real-time numerical updates.

Basically, the picklist will let you know exactly how many products you have, the quantity for each type of product, the location of each product and whether the order was picked up for shipping or not.


This feature is of high value for our users, as they are now able to organize their selling activity way more efficiently than before, saving a lot of time in the sale and shipping process. Setting the product locations may require some time, but in return for the time spent setting them up, it will speed up the picking and packing process.



Fast dispatching of products

Just think how an SKU is bound to a particular location. For example, for a given product, a retail network can have as many SKUs as there are locations where the product can be stored; typically one SKU per store and per warehouse, although online sellers know very well that it is possible to have multiple SKUs for the same item within a single store.



All of your orders on one interface

Even if the majority of the items are stored at a single location within the store, some items may be sold at several locations, hence generating extra SKUs.


This feature allows our customers to sort on the locations of their products in alpha-numerical order, which means that they can simply pick the products faster than before.



Nventree inventory management software with Product Locations

Time is money so this feature will surely increase your productivity with each minute saved on managing your stock and shipping on Nventree, which already allows you to manage your stocks, products, and orders across multiple platforms, such as eBay, Amazon and your shopping cart from one easy-to-use interface, instead of having to log into each channel separately.



In order to make data entries easier, we will keep the list alpha-numerical for now, but our plans might involve a new option for our users to have a drop-down menu/list for existing locations in order to completely avoid data entry issues.

Nventree is the stock control app that helps you manage your inventory even when selling on multiple platforms, even when your inventory is scattered through various warehouses.

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