APC Integration form

APC Integration form

In order to be able to print APC courier labels straight from Nventree you will need to create an account with Net Despatch.

Net Despatch is a sister company of Royal Mail. Read about Net Despatch.

Price-wise, there are no extra fees as APC has an agreement in which Net Despatch receives a percentage of the regular fee.

In order to get started please log into your Nventree account and navigate to Settings>Shipment Management.

Click on the Add button, select Pay Per Label and choose APC Overnight in the Carrier dropdown.

Once you have submitted the form, it takes 5-8 working days to complete your account.

When we have your new Net Despatch account, we will integrate it with Nventree.

Zebra or other thermal printer
Collection manifest
Once you have started to use Net Despatch you will need to use the Net Despatch website to process the end of day manifest.

If the shipping manifest is not printed, all existing shipping orders for the current day will be cancelled.

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