Click&Drop integration with Nventree

Click&Drop integration with Nventree

First off, you need to have a Dropbox account, an account with Royal Mail Click&Drop and an Nventree account.

If you don’t have a Dropbox account, you can create a free account at .

For a Click&Drop account you need to go to

If you got all this, first you need to integrate Dropbox with the Click&Drop account.

On the Click&Drop page, go to Settings where you will choose “Channels and stores”. On the top right hand side, click on Add a new integration”.

Choose Dropbox and following the steps you will complete the integration.

Next you will have to integrate Dropbox with Nventree.

In the Settings dropdown, go to Shipment Management. Add Click&Drop by clicking on the green “Add” dropdown.

Now you will be pointed to connect to Dropbox. Nventree will detect your Dropbox and it will connect automatically.

You will have to map all of your shipping options from Click&Drop to the shipping options which come in from your platforms. First, select your provider (international or domestic), then click on the green “+” next to the shipping option that you want to add, and this will open a mapping window where you can add the platform shipping option. Once all your options have been mapped, click Update.

Now you are ready to send your first booking to Click&Drop.

You need to do a manual import so Click&Drop can save the import details and it will use them for the future imports.

Select the order to be shipped and from the Action” choose “Export to Click&Drop (Ad-Hoc)”, choose the shipping methods and choose “Download CSV” which will generate a CSV file and this file will be used to map the file import to Click&Drop.

We will go back to Click&Drop and on the Orders dropdown we will choose Import.

Step1. Upload the file that Nventree exported

Step2. Choose the trading name and the customer name format where you will choose “First and last name combined”.

Step3. Field mapping. Normally this should be mapped, but just double check if the columns are correctly assigned.

On “Import orders” should create a booking and then you can create a label.

At this point you can send any orders to Click&Drop for booking from Nventree using the “Export to Click&Drop” from the “Actions”.

After the labels have been printed you can now despatch the orders in Click&Drop. Don’t worry, your orders status in Nventree will be updated at the next download.

If you want to have a record of tracking numbers in Nventree, then you can “Export to XLS” all the orders that were despatched in Click&Drop. Once you have the XLS file you can upload to Nventree, in the orders page “Action” dropdown choosing “Bulk import/update”. In the Upload Shipments section, choose the Click & Drop template and the add your file by clicking on “Select file” followed by “Upload ”.

If the costumer notification feature has been set up, Nventree will send of email confirmation to the customer including the tracking number once the order has been marked as despatched.

If you have any issues, please call the Support line at 0121 285 1051.


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