What is an eBay token and how to renew it

What is an eBay token and how to renew it

When you add your eBay platform to Nventree, a connection between the two is created and called a Token.

The token could expire for these reasons:

  • Token’s expiration date has been reached
    The token is invalid after the expiration date.
  • User revokes the token
    Users are able to revoke tokens using the My eBay page on the website (My eBay > My Account > Site Preferences > General Preferences > Third-party Authorizations). When a user revokes a token for an application, that token expires immediately.
  • eBay revokes a token due to security concerns
    If eBay detects suspicious activity that indicates a possible security compromise of an account or application, all affected user tokens are expired immediately.

If your Token expired you can renew it following these steps:

  • click on Settings – Platforms
  • under eBay, click on the platform that has the token expired
  • click on Sync settings
  • on this page you can see the expiration date of the token

  • please “Connect eBay account” to create a new Token

After the token has been created your missed orders will be downloaded in the next 15-20 minutes.

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