How to add your BigCommerce website

How to add your BigCommerce website

Click “Settings” – “Platforms” and there “Add Platform” and choose BigCommerce

There are 3 steps to complete the integration, some part in Nventree some in your website backend

Step 1. Setup

In Nventree

  • add a friendly name to your platform in to the “Platform name” field (ie. website)
  • choose the type of your website domain :    http:// or a https://
  • enter the full URL of your website (ie.

Now we move to your site backend

  • log into your website backend
  • click Settings
  • select Legacy API Accounts
  • click Create a Legacy API Account
  • Type the name of the user in the Username box. (ie. JSI)
  • There you will find API Path and API Token boxes.
  • click the Save button.

Now we move back to Nventree site

  • fill in the ApiPath, AdminAccount and ApiKey(API Token) fields copy and pasting from your website backend .
  • click Next

Step 2. Install & Test

  • fill in the “

If the details were filled in correctly in step 1. the verification should pass and you can hit “Next”, if not then go back to Step 1. and double check the details and try to verify again.

Step 3. Configure 

  • map your website order statuses with the Nventree statuses
  • tick the “Enable orders download” and choose how far you want to go back in orders date
  • click Update
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