How to add your Magento website

How to add your Magento website

Step 1. Setup

  • add a friendly name to your platform in to the “Platform name” field (ie. website)
  • choose the type of your website domain :    http:// or a https://
  • enter the full URL of your website (ie.

Step 2. Install & Test

  • an Installation Package has been created for your website, click “Download Installation Package”  The file will be saved as
  • extract the Installation Package to display the folder “bridge2cart” on your computer
  • upload the folder “bridge2cart” to the store’s root directory where the site is installed.
    Files can be uploaded via an FTP client (WinSCP, FileFTP, FileZilla, CuteFTP, etc.)
  • After the folder has been uploaded click Verify to ensure everything is OK and then press Next to continue.

Step 3. Configure 

  • map your website order statuses with the Nventree statuses
  • tick the “Enable orders download” and choose how far you want to go back in orders date
  • click Update
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