How to integrate with DPD

How to integrate with DPD

How to connect your DPD account with Nventree:


  1. While on your Dashboard go to Settings>Shipment Management

  1. After the Shipment Management section loads, click on ‘Add’ and in the dropdown click on ‘DPD’

  1. You will be taken to the DPD integration page, where you will have to fill in the respective fields with your DPD account details and after that specify default values for your parcels that will be shipped through DPD

  1. Now you will select the ‘Main Provider’ and ‘Provider’ and select the DPD ‘Services’ you want to map to your account. Once you have selected the ‘Services’ you will map the shipment options you want to link to them in the dropdown. After everything is set up, just click ‘Create’ and your DPD account will be integrated and ready to use.


Congratulations you have successfully integrated your DPD account with Nventree.

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