How to integrate with MyHermes

How to integrate with MyHermes

In order to connect your MyHermes account with your Nventree you have to do the following:


  1. First things first, while you are on your Dashboard navigate to, Settings>Shipment Management

  1. Once the Shipment Management section loads click on ‘Add’ and a dropdown will appear where you can select ‘MyHermes’

  1. In order to connect MyHermes to our software you have to have a MyHermes Business account, before you put in your MyHermes Email and Password, first you will have to request a ‘Client ID’ and a ‘Secret’ from MyHermes, please contact for assistance. After MyHermes has provided you with a ‘Client ID’ and ‘Secret’ you enter them in to the respective fields and click on ‘Retrieve Data’. This will generate your ‘Access Token’ and ‘Client UID’ which will show up automatically in your MyHermes Shipment Management.

  1. After connection has been established with MyHermes, you can continue filling in the rest of the fields, your ‘Email’, ‘Default values’ for your parcels,

  1. Last, but not least, add shipment options, specify whether ‘Signature’ is required or not, and the ‘Parcel Type’, if it’s Next Day Delivery or not. After you have selected the options you ‘Add mapping’ and then add shipment options

Congratulations you have successfully integrated your MyHermes account with Nventree.

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