How to Setup your Royal Mail DMO

How to Setup your Royal Mail DMO

Before setting up the Royal Mail DMO, you’ll need to map it in Nventree. Please follow the lines:

    1. Go to Settings -> Shipment Management 
    2. Click Edit in line with Royal Mail DMO Export
    3. Fill in the required fields as following:

Delivery service – Nventree’s shipping option (I.e Royal Mail 24 hours) – make sure it’s spelled exactly as in orders page
Code – the code that will be using to map the DMO
Format – the shipping format of this option

  1. Click Add

Make sure you save all the codes you’ve submited here prior to moving to DMO Setup


Setup DMO for the export

Log in to your Royal mail DMO account.

1) Under the “Shipping Services” choose “Import Shipments”

2) click on “New” for a new layout and a pop up window will come up(make sure your pop up blocker is disabled )

3) Step 1 :

  • point 1 – tick “Delimiter-separated values”
  • Next

4) Step 2 :

On the top right hand hand side you will have column headers starting with “Fields” and if you click on “Service Reference” it will add it to the bottom of the page. Please click on the titles as per the list on the following order so in the end this is what you should see:

Representation of File Layout:

“Service Reference”,”Service”,”Department Reference”,”Service Enhancement”,”Service Format”,”Service Class”,”Recipient/ Tracked Returns”,”Recipient/ Tracked Returns Complementary Name”,”Recipient/ Tracked Returns Address line 1″,”Recipient/ Tracked Returns Address line 2″,”Recipient/ Tracked Returns Address line 3″,”Recipient/ Tracked Returns Postcode”,”Recipient/ Tracked Returns Post Town”,”Recipient/ Tracked Returns Country Code”,”Recipient Zone Code”,”xxxxx”,”Recipient Tel No.”,”Recipient Email Address”,”Shipping Date”,”Reference”,”Items”,”Weight (kgs)”,”Safe Place”,”Signature”,”Service Enhancement 2″

5) Step 3 :

Under the Date Format  choose “

under the “Numeric Fields Format!” choose 12.000 kg

6) Step 4:

  • on the left hand side menu click “Service”
    • In the table enter the “Your code” that you had added in Nventree when we were doing the mapping (ie. RM24) , select the shipping option from “Transform to”  and click “Add”. Do the same for all the codes that you have added in Nventree
  • on the left hand side menu click “Service Reference”
    • “Your code” type in the number “1”
    • “Transform to” select your company reference
  • on the left hand side menu click “Service Format”
    • This is by default the same as Nventree but if you would like to have multiple format to be shipped with the same format then you can map it as following and click “Next” when done:

Your Code/  Map to

F / N

P / N

7) Step 5  an overview on what you had setup  , on the bottom add a name to your layout and click “Save”

8) Step 6 the layout has been created , click on “Close”


Creating labels in DMO

Export your orders in DMO, then login to your DMO account and under Shipping Services choose Import Shipments

  1. Tick the check box for the layout that you have created
  2. Click on “Browse” and look for your CSV from Nventree
  3. Tick the check box saying “Ignore File’s First Line” (recommended) and click Import

Once imported, DMO should start creating your labels.

NOTE! Make sure you have your pop-ups block disabled!

In case you get any errors, please contact us for support on 0121 285 1051

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