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What is contract warehousing?

What is contract warehousing? Contract warehousing is an arrangement in which a partner warehouse agrees to receive, store and ship goods for a client. The contract usually dictates the terms of service and length of the agreement. The time-frame can vary from months to years and the fee structure can be fixed cost, costs-plus or […]

Demand Forecasting

Demand forecasting plays a critical role in every business when it comes to inventory management. It has one simple objective: to ensure you hold the correct amount of stock to maximize sales potential and profit. What is demand forecasting? Demand forecasting is the result of an analysis to determine what demand a certain item will […]

Warehousing –What is it and where it all began?

Warehouses Warehouses are used by companies to store their inventory, whether it’s food, hardware, building materials, everything can be stored in a warehouse. Although a lot of warehouses today are run by automation (take Amazon’s warehouses as an example), let’s not forget about its humble beginnings. Inventory storage and warehousing have been around for thousands […]

How large does your warehouse need to be?

There is no universal warehouse-size that fits all businesses. If you have too little warehouse capacity it can restrict the number of SKUs that you can ship – inhibiting revenue and service levels. In contrast to this, having too much warehouse space inflates your overhead expenditures and ties up working capital. So how should you […]

How exoskeletons can help to power the warehouses of the future

  Up until recently, the wearable technology market has been dominated by smartwatches and fitness trackers. But that could drastically change in the near future. Wearable tech may eventually be used for the entire body, helping the wearer become stronger, faster, more mobile, and more mindful of their biometric data. Where is it most needed? […]

The warehouses of the future

Today, companies across every industry face constant pressure to do more with less – efficiency is becoming the main priority in every industry. This is especially true for the warehousing industry, which is a critical part of the supply chain. All this constant pressure is pushing the development of newer and better technologies to help […]