Inventory and Stock Management

Nventree can manage your stock and inventory across multiple platforms. When an order enters the system, stock is adjusted and updated on every platform. It is possible to filter by platform to easily see what you are selling and where. In addition to this, Nventree has the ability to bulk update stocks manually, as well as, export a stocks report to CSV.

Nventree stock control

Nventree will help you manage your stocks and orders across a wide range of platforms, it offers an easy to use interface removing the hassle of individually working on platforms

Order Management

You can simply print invoices, integrated labels, and labels

Stock Control

Nventree can manage your stock and inventory across multiple platforms

Dispatch App

Scan the QR code to sign in, this QR code is unique to each store

Courier Labels

Integrate Couriers, map courier service codes, and print labels in no time

Shipping Management

Set up shipping rules, depending on where the order is from or going to


Generate reports on how well your products are performing on certain platforms.

Effortless Inventory Tracking

Say goodbye to manual record-keeping and endless spreadsheets! Our intuitive software allows you to easily track all your inventory items in real-time, across multiple platforms. Stay informed about quantities, product locations and orders with just a few clicks!

Identify slow-moving items, and optimize your inventory turnover rate. Our software provides valuable insights into your stock performance, enabling you to make data-driven decisions to reduce carrying costs and maximize profitability.

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