Version History

Version 2.2.2411 – March 1, 2018

Many bug fixes
Added a notification if RBA is down
Ad-Lister Sync bug fixes
When uploading a products CSV, if a sku is not recognized, it will be created as a new product
Added support for location codes
Refunded orders are now removed from the Pickwave
Added support for weight management
Multiple sorting of columns is now possible
Updated error display with failed sync/publish
Added ‘unprinted’ orders dispatch warning
Added CSV export for DPD local
Altered stock syncing
Old gui Dashboard actions ported to new GUI
Ported categories to New GUI
Added Smart Consign integration
Fixed Nventree Flags
Remaining quantity added to packing list
Added new buyer alerts system
Updated user permissions
Updated Product Grid
Added Option to hide products in Grid that are not linked to Ad-Lister
Option added to redownload website orders
Help text updated
Added option to archive old orders
Added more Amazon stock checks
Ported Sync Settings to new gui
Updated add a product to Manual Order
Updated how kits display on invoices


Version 2.3.2413 – March 16, 2018

Various Bug Fixes
Added Royal Mail Click & Drop integration
Migrated Editable Regions and Settings to New GUI
Moved Google Merchant Violations to Website section
Added Product Creation to New GUI
Migrated Nventstore Filters to New GUI
Added Nventstore Product Editor
Added Assigned Products list to Grid
Enhanced Orders History
Added Order Prefix option
Migrated Nventstore Campaigns to New GUI
Added option to create Nventstore
Added ability to search via variation sku
Added button to fix blank orders
Migrated and updated Product Tags on New GUI
Updated Nventstore Sitemap lib


Version 2.3.2491 – May 14, 2018

Fixed duplicate orders issue
Add more options for WooCommerce
Added Export only Refunded and Cancelled Orders to CSV
Product images now magnify on mouse over on the Product Grid
Fixed scrolling bug on edit qty grid
Added bulk edit stocks to Product Grid (use tab)
Fixed a bug with Order History


Version 2.3.2603 – August 17, 2018

MyHermes direct integration now available
Many little bug fixes
You can now observe the download status of each platform
Add more options for master users to restrict user accounts from deleting notes
Nventree will now ignore barcodes for electronic customs
Searching by Tag is now available
Orders with multiple labels print again
New choice for date format on order notes: DD/MM/YYYY
Fixed tab now working when adding stock in bulk
Refund order has been added to the Action menu
New ability to add to and edit notes
Added new export csv template for despatched and refunded SKUs
More detailed product history log
Tweaked average orders per day to include a decimal point
Friendly error messages when uploading a csv file with illegal characters


Version 2.3.2740 – December 13, 2018

Added an option to enable Dymo templates in Context Configuration
Updated the Export to Hermes csv based on Hermes system modifications
Added notifications for pending refunds
There is now an options to add a column to the Orders grid to display Pickwaves with timestamps
Added Export to UK Mail csv
Added an option for Scheduled Syncs
Added an option to filter by flags
Added Holiday Calendar support to ship on the first business day after a bank holiday
Various bug fixes