Version History

Fixed issue where OnBuy platform would keep getting disconnected

Fixed UI issue where picking lists were created but wouldn’t show on the grid

Updated Manomano API

Added “PO” numbers to labels/invoices for orders that came from Amazon and had the PurchaseOrderNumber

Minor bug fixes

Fixed issued where “Export by date range” would export all the data instead of the set range

Fixed issue with login where cached expired token were kept being used until clearing browser cache

Finished DHL cloud API intergration upgrade

Fixed issue where some of the products were missing information from the “Location” field on the picking list

Minor bug fixes

Fixed EKM, Etsy platform connection issues

Migration to Azure started

Added option to create custom reports

Minor bug fixes

Fixed issue where text in VAT field exceeded max character length

Added packaging table that was removed from RoyalMail due to the APi update

Fixed issue where discounted prices where not calculated by the correct formula

Fixed issue where product “Created on” date would get updated when changes were made

Minor bug fixes

Finished new integration for RoyalMail called Intersoft

Fixed issue where some orders were missing product and QTY

Fixed sync issue from Ad-Lister to Nventree

Fixed issue where Postage rule was applied correctly but the service that was replaced was not correct

Fixed issue where SKU’s with more than 30 character were cut due to limit on Intersoft API

Fixed issue where Courier services would show up twice in the service list

Minor bug fixes

Added new feature that would allow postage rules to be triggered between set days/hours only

Added option to dismiss warnings in bulk

Fixed issue where Departments wouldn’t sync from Ad-Lister to Nventree

Fixed issue where orders already despatched are still stuck in Queue

Fixed visual bug where OnBuy token would always show as expired

Minor bug fixes

Added extra filter options on product grid

Added pop-up message when creating manifest for Intersoft

Fixed “Order failed to despatch on eBay” error message

Fixed notification messages that were referring to wrong platforms

Fixed issue where Shopify ID didn’t sync after the first attempt

Minor bug fixes

Updated BigCommerce order download issue

Fixed when exporting to XLSX some columns disappeared

Fixed FedEx labels not printing issue

Added option to filter by excluding tags

Updated order date range filter

Fixed problem where Sales values didn’t refresh on the dashboard

Minor bug fixes

Updated DHL parcel API integration
Updated DHL express API integration
Updated B&Q printing services
Fixed CSV export issues
Optimized dictionary UI

Updated Dashboard UI
OnBuy marketplace integration
Changed to new Etsy API

Updated import tracking number via platform reference (CSV enhancement)
Added alphabetical platform sort option
Updated Dashboard with daily number of orders
Fixed despatch error on Sears

Updated RoyalMail service codes and label changes
B&Q marketplace integration
Added Suppliers feature(without API connection)
Minor bug fixes

Etsy API integration done
Updated ManoMano API
Fixed DHL international label creation error
Updated commodity code dictionary
Updated order grid filtering

Fixed scanning on tablet app
Fixed DPD international label mandatory field issue
Fixed expiring eBay token that required renewal
Fixed HS code sync to Nventree from Ad-Lister
Adjusted CSV export to contain eBay order number
Changed to Linux Servers

Added help section to Shopify platform creation page
Fixed dashboard widget error
Fixed issue where postage rules cause slowness
Fixed eBay stock update issue
Updated product tags
Fixed an issue where manual orders couldn’t be edited
Fixed Royal Mail cut off time

Fixed Shopify order download issue
Updated Ad-Hoc for Royal Mail to specify which warehouse is used
Fixed order which didn’t have shipping address
Minor bug fixes

Fixed tracking number update issue
Adjustments to eBay API change
Fixed invoice emailing profile not sending pdf although is enabled
Fixed shopify platform creation issue

BigCommerce and new Shopify integrations done
Fixed an issue where Shopify order reference number not matching with the one in Nventree
Fixed order CSV export
Updated RoyalMail integration

Fixed error where order was marked as paid in Nventree when it was not paid on eBay
Shopify API adjustment to display VAT
Fixed Hermes bulk printing issue
Minor bug fixes

Added weights to all courier services
Tablet app adjustments to labe categories
Fixed magento order status mapping

Fixed issue where Ad-hoc label creation did not apply weight change
Fixed order cloning issue
Fixed parcelforce connection issue

Fixed incorrect shipping date on orders
Fixed an issue where order grid sorting timed out
Fixed Hermes label printing
Updated packing list template

Tablet app scanning adjusted
Fixed special character in address line issue
Minor bug fixes

Fixed manual order creation
Updated address editing option

Resized address label on the template
Updated invoice to display discounts
Updated order page option to select orders shown on each page 25/50/100

Fixed multiple Hermes label creation error
Dashboard enhancements and widgets reworked

Updated template builder
Fixed password reset link not being sent
Added feature to auto list on eBay if stock is higher than 0

Updated Magento shipment creation via API
Added new filter option to the product grid

Invoice updated to show VAT percentage

Scanner adjustments for the tablet app
Removed import charge for Australian orders

Finished Parcelforce integration

Updated delivery note to have GSP reference number
Minor tablet app bug fixes

Fixed error that caused order page top bar to disappear

Updated API calls for Magento
Updated grid to show eBay generated order numbers

Fixed issue where adding order notes, comments was not available when adding tracking number

Fixed an issue where variation stock didn’t show when imported from Ad-Lister
Fixed variation stock update

Fixed printing issue
Updated invoice labels to add RM image

Improved bulk label creation

Updated dashboard widget to show sales record
Fixed sales record import from eBay

Fixed Amazon platform connection issue

Various Bug fixes

Updated international UK mail labels
Fixed issue where DPD service mappings got deleted

Fixed issue where the new orders were not available for despatch
Fixed order downloading and updating order status after despatching

Fixed Magento sync issue
Minor bug fixes

Updated filters added new options
Updated Hermes integration
Fixed order confirmation email

Fixed stock adjustment in case of cancelled order
Updated address too long error message

Added CSV export for DPD local
Altered stock syncing
Old gui Dashboard actions ported to new GUI

Fixed SKU not being visible on the order

Minor bug fixes

Updated VAT rule creation process
Fixed incoming orders without tax

Minor fix for tags and labels
Various bug fixes

Added an option to enable Dymo templates in Context Configuration
Updated the Export to Hermes csv based on Hermes system modifications

Added notifications for pending refunds
There is now an options to add a column to the Orders grid to display Pickwaves with timestamps

Added Export to UK Mail csv
Added an option for Scheduled Syncs

Added an option to filter by flags
Added Holiday Calendar support to ship on the first business day after a bank holiday
Various bug fixes

MyHermes direct integration now available
Many little bug fixes

You can now observe the download status of each platform
Add more options for master users to restrict user accounts from deleting notes

More detailed product history log
Tweaked average orders per day to include a decimal point
Friendly error messages when uploading a csv file with illegal characters

Ported categories to New GUI
Added Smart Consign integration
Fixed Nventree Flags

Nventree will now ignore barcodes for electronic customs
Searching by Tag is now available
Orders with multiple labels print again

New choice for date format on order notes: DD/MM/YYYY
Fixed tab now working when adding stock in bulk
Refund order has been added to the Action menu

Fixed duplicate orders issue
Add more options for WooCommerce
Added Export only Refunded and Cancelled Orders to CSV

New ability to add to and edit notes
Added new export csv template for despatched and refunded SKUs

Product images now magnify on mouse over on the Product Grid
Fixed scrolling bug on edit qty grid

Product images now magnify on mouse over on the Product Grid
Fixed scrolling bug on edit qty grid

Added bulk edit stocks to Product Grid (use tab)
Fixed a bug with Order History

Various Bug Fixes
Added Royal Mail Click & Drop integration
Migrated Editable Regions and Settings to New GUI

Moved Google Merchant Violations to Website section
Added Product Creation to New GUI

Migrated Nventstore Filters to New GUI
Added Nventstore Product Editor

Added Assigned Products list to Grid
Enhanced Orders History
Added Order Prefix option

Migrated Nventstore Campaigns to New GUI
Added option to create Nventstore
Added ability to search via variation SKU

Added button to fix blank orders
Migrated and updated Product Tags on New GUI
Updated Nventstore Sitemap lib

Added support for location codes
Refunded orders are now removed from the Pickwave
Added support for weight management

Multiple sorting of columns is now possible
Updated error display with failed sync/publish
Added ‘unprinted’ orders dispatch warning

Remaining quantity added to packing list
Added new buyer alerts system
Updated user permissions

Updated Product Grid
Added Option to hide products in Grid that are not linked to Ad-Lister
Option added to redownload website orders

Help text updated
Added option to archive old orders
Added more Amazon stock checks

Ported Sync Settings to new GUI
Updated add a product to Manual Order
Updated how kits display on invoices

Many bug fixes
Added a notification if RBA is down
Ad-Lister Sync bug fixes
When uploading a products CSV, if an SKU is not recognized, it will be created as a new product