Extra search criteria

Search 2 or more values

With our last update, the search bar can now find 2 or more values.

In order to search multiple values, please add “OR” (all capital letters) in between the values, followed by space on both sides. Now the search will look for the two or more keywords.

If you wish to have a list of orders based on a date range, you can use the “Export by date range”.

“Export orders” will generate a CSV file with all orders in between the date range, including all details related to the orders.

“Export sales per country”, this CSV file will contain a report of sales by country with all the details of shipping cost and product costs.

“Export sales per SKU” will give you a report of number of sales by the product SKUs.

Search by date

Another update to the search option is search by date.

We have added a tag logo in the search bar, so if you click on it, you will have the chance to select a range of date to be filtered.

If you would have any other question please contact our customer support free of charge on 0121 285 1051.


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