How to add Tracking numbers to your orders

You can add Tracking numbers to your orders either individually or in bulk


  1. Go to Orders tab
  2. Click on the order number which is displayed in green under the Order column
  3. On the right hand side insert your tracking number and click Update
  4. You can now Despatch the order

Important! Make sure you add the tracking number to the order before you click Despatch as it will be impossible to add it afterwards


  1. Go to Orders tab
  2. Select the orders you’d like to add the tracking number to
  3. Go to Settings -> Bulk import / update
  4. On the top left you have the Import/Update(1) button if you click on it and select the type(2) of CSV you want, you can download(3) the example file.
  5. A template file will be downloaded to your computer: Fill in the Order number in column A and the Tracking number in column B
  6. Save the file as .CSV format and upload it through “Upload CSV file”(4).


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