How to add your Etsy store to Nventree

In order to have your Etsy sales platform integrated with Nventree. You will have to follow these steps:

Go to Settings > Platforms:

Click on the Create Platform button:

Select Etsy:

Give your Etsy platform a name and copy in your Etsy’s Shop ID or Name:

When you click on Request token, it will redirect you to Etsy to allow Nventree to connect to your Etsy store:

By clicking Allow Access, Etsy will generate a verification code which will have to be copied and pasted into Nventree:

When the verification code is copied into Nventree, the last step will be to Obtain the token:

A process will start, in order to connect Nventree and Etsy together, and your orders will download in about 15 – 30 minutes.

This is the process that you will have to follow to integrate your Etsy store with Nventree.

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