How to connect EKM

Here’s a quick guide on how to connect EKM with Nventree.

After creating your Nventree store you will be redirected to the Dashboard where you can choose the option to Add Platform.



If you already connected a platform and want to connect a new platform you will find the option under Settings-> Platforms



On the top left corner if you hover over the House icon you will find the Create option.



The option to select which Platform you want to connect to will be available after clicking on the Create button.



After selecting EKM you will be asked to give the platform a name that will be used in Nventree and the initial date from which you want to start downloading orders (maximum of 30 days in the past).



Pressing create will finish the process and create the platform which you will be able to find in the left sidebar, if you click on it you will be able to connect your EKM store.



After you press the Consent button you will be redirected to EKM and it will ask you if you agree to allow Nventree to connect to EKM, once you agree you will be re-directed to Nventree, and the platform is connected.


The only thing left to do is to set up the platform settings and the status mapping, so the software knows with what status to import the orders.



After finishing the steps every 15 minutes the platform will be updated and you will be able to see the incoming orders from the connected platforms on the Orders page.


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