In order to integrate with Royal Mail via API, all you have to do is contact us through Live Chat/Telephone/E-mail and let us know that you are interested in integrating with Royal Mail via API.

Afterwards, we will request your Royal Mail account details such as: Account Name, Account Number, Registered Address, Person of Contact for the Account, E-mail Address and Telephone Number.

Once you have forwarded your account details, we will contact Royal Mail letting them know that you will want to use the integration, and to add you to our developer account.

Royal Mail will then provide you via email, the API credentials (username and password). After you have received the credentials, forward them over to us, so that we can activate the integration.

Once we have your API credentials we use them to generate a token. The token is used to communicate with Royal Mail via API.

  • In order to access the Royal Mail integration and start mapping the services, you will have to navigate from your Just Ship It’s Dashboard to Settings > Shipment Management (in the drop-down).

  • On the list of Shipment Integrations you should see something similar to ‘Royal Mail – Direct Integration’ and by clicking ‘Edit’, you can open up the section where you can start mapping the services.

  • The next part is mapping the integration accordingly. To do this you would have to provide us with the service codes that you have enabled in your Royal Mail account. You can find these in your Royal Mail Pro Shipping account, by navigating from the Dashboard to Maintenance > Services. Posting Location number will also be needed.

  • After we have enabled the services, you can go ahead and map the services. As you can see in the picture below you can choose which service to have enabled from the service list, and then map a shipment service for the service code, i.e. the CRL 1 service code uses Royal Mail 1st Class as a shipment service.

These would be the steps you’d have to make to enable the Direct Royal Mail Integration.

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