How to Setup Evri with Nventree


1. Log into your Nventree store and from the Dashboard navigate to Settings > Shipment Management.



2. Once on the Shipment Management section, click Add and select Evri from the list:



3. When the page loads enter your Evri Account credentials: Client ID and Secret ( There is a help section on the right side of the page on the below picture explaining how to get the credentials). Under Available options make sure to enter your shipping email address, the default content of the parcels you send out, the estimated value for the parcel that are being shipped, and the Label Format, press Create which will redirect you to Evri to grant access to Nventree, and once access is granted you should be redirected back to Nventree:



4. Now what’s left is adding the Evri Service Codes, by specifying the Signature on the order, the Parcel Type, and if it’s a Next Day Delivery or not. Then you can add the mapping, assign a Delivery service to the mappings, and save at the bottom of the page:



 There you go, your Evri account is now connected with Nventree.

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