Orders Page

Status bar:


Status column: this will notify you on the status of the orders

green icons = active

light grey = inactive

  Selecting tool: you can select all the orders on the page or you could use the individual selecting while ticking one by one or using the shift key, this will select every order in between the first ticked order and the last one

 Country location: in this column Nventree will post the country flag accordingly to the buyers location

  Currency and payment:  when the logo is activated next to your order it means that the order has been paid as well as the currency has been payed off

 Pick wave: when this logo is activated it means that this order is assigned to an Pick wave, and hovering over will tell you which pick wave it is assigned to

 Printed order: when this icon is active it means that this order has been previewed and possibly printed an invoice, label, picklist, packlist or a courier label has been created

 Despatching: if this icon is active it means that this order has been despatched in Nventree


Filtering tools:


All platforms : Here you can filter your orders on the individual platforms.






Awaiting postage: Here you have only orders  that need


All orders: all orders including orders not paid,

despatched , refunded, etc…

Awaiting pickwave: Here you have all orders from awaiting despatch which have not been assigned to a pickwave

Search bar: enter any detail and JSI will find the order,

after which you can clear the values with the “X”


Printing tools





Print with ease: chose what you want to print with your orders











Other actions: you could do multiple

actions with Nventree







select all the orders to be despatched and hit “Despatch ”




                  Left hand side header                                                                                Right hand side header








Choose how many order would you have on your orders page





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