How to setup Royal Mail with Nventree

Please get in touch with Support if you are looking to integrate Royal Mail with Nventree, via API.

If you are looking to integrate your Royal Mail account with Nventree, first you must reach out to us and we will supply you with a Royal Mail Onboarding Request Form, which you will need to fill out and send back to us, so we can forward it to Royal Mail to start the onboarding process and you will gain access to Royal Mail Pro Shipping.

Once live with ProShipping you will have the option of setting up your API credentials, which Nventree can then use to connect to Royal Mail.

To connect Royal Mail with Nventree, supply the:

  • API Username

  • API Password

  • Royal Mail Posting Location number

  • Description of goods ( for international purposes)

Once we receive the credentials we can connect your Nventree store with your Royal Mail account, and then let the support staff know what Service Codes need to be enabled and mapped for the Royal Mail integration.

If later down the line, new services/mappings need to be added/edited, they can be done so by navigating to Settings > Shipment Management.

Then, once the page loads, select the Royal Mail integration, and click Edit to update the Royal Mail service codes or mappings.

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